1434987404 Cafe Atlantico http://cafeatlantico.com/ en anned@thinkfoodgroup.com Copyright 2015 2015-04-15T21:05:43+00:00 A Second Beefsteak is in the Works http://cafeatlantico.com/index.php/jose_andres/post-details/a-second-beefsteak-is-in-the-works http://cafeatlantico.com/index.php/jose_andres/post-details/a-second-beefsteak-is-in-the-works#When:21:05:43Z The Washington Post reports on the second location of Beefsteak in Washington, DC’s DuPont Circle.

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José Andrés Announces the Opening of Beefsteak in January 2015 http://cafeatlantico.com/index.php/jose_andres/post-details/jose-andres-announces-the-opening-of-beefsteak-in-january-2015 http://cafeatlantico.com/index.php/jose_andres/post-details/jose-andres-announces-the-opening-of-beefsteak-in-january-2015#When:18:06:18Z Jose Andrés has announced the opening of his latest venture, Beefsteak, a fast-casual, vegetable-centric concept with its first location slated to open in January of 2015 at the new George Washington University Science and Engineering Hall at the corner of 22nd and I Streets NW. Read more about the concept in this exclusive piece from the Washington Post.

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José Discusses Small Farming and the Future of Food for National Geographic http://cafeatlantico.com/index.php/jose_andres/post-details/jose-discusses-small-farming-and-the-future-of-food-for-national-geographic http://cafeatlantico.com/index.php/jose_andres/post-details/jose-discusses-small-farming-and-the-future-of-food-for-national-geographic#When:20:12:52Z For his second post on National Geographic’s food blog, The Plate, José discusses the farmers’ market movement in America and why connecting with our world’s small farmers is important both here and abroad. Click here to read his post on National Geographic’s website.

José Discusses Small Farming and the Future of Food for National Geographic 2014-05-05T20:12:52+00:00
José Joins National Geographic to Discuss Food and Our World Today http://cafeatlantico.com/index.php/jose_andres/post-details/jose-joins-national-geographic-in-the-discussion-of-food http://cafeatlantico.com/index.php/jose_andres/post-details/jose-joins-national-geographic-in-the-discussion-of-food#When:16:23:20Z José is honored to be a part of National Geographic’s new web portal, NatGeoFood.com. The site will be dedicated to exploring issues surrounding how we eat today and how we can provide food for all with growing populations and climate change. José joins other notable figures, such as food policy analyst Mary Beth Albright and science blogger Maryn McKenna, in contributing to National Geographic’s food-related blog called The Plate. Click here to read more.

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José Weighs in on the Immigration Debate http://cafeatlantico.com/index.php/jose_andres/post-details/jose-weighs-in-on-the-immigration-debate http://cafeatlantico.com/index.php/jose_andres/post-details/jose-weighs-in-on-the-immigration-debate#When:17:55:46Z As a recent American, Jose takes the opportunity to share with us his position on the current conversation on immigration in the United States. Click here to read his op-ed in Washington Post which will also be in Sunday’s print paper!

José Weighs in on the Immigration Debate 2013-12-06T17:55:46+00:00
José shares his American Dream Story on the Today Show http://cafeatlantico.com/index.php/jose_andres/post-details/jose-shares-his-american-dream-story-on-the-today-show http://cafeatlantico.com/index.php/jose_andres/post-details/jose-shares-his-american-dream-story-on-the-today-show#When:17:52:08Z José Andrés, chef, entrepreneur, husband, and father is also now an American Citizen! Click here to catch him on the Today Show as he shares his story of his 23 year journey to becoming an American and his thoughts on the current debate on immigration reform in America.

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José Brings the Wonders of China and Peru to the Nation’s Capital http://cafeatlantico.com/index.php/jose_andres/post-details/jose-brings-the-wonders-of-china-and-peru-to-the-nations-capital http://cafeatlantico.com/index.php/jose_andres/post-details/jose-brings-the-wonders-of-china-and-peru-to-the-nations-capital#When:22:02:49Z José Andrés, the chef who introduced America to traditional Spanish tapas and championed the path of avant-garde cuisine in the U.S., is opening a modern Chinese-Peruvian concept, in the heart of Penn Quarter in downtown Washington, DC. The restaurant will feature Chifa favorites–the cuisine known throughout Peru, melding Chinese style and native ingredients–with his personal and creative take on Chinese classics and this South American style

José Brings the Wonders of China and Peru to the Nation’s Capital 2013-11-12T22:02:49+00:00
José launches José Andrés Foods http://cafeatlantico.com/index.php/jose_andres/post-details/jose-launches-jose-andres-foods http://cafeatlantico.com/index.php/jose_andres/post-details/jose-launches-jose-andres-foods#When:01:38:31Z José Andrés Foods
José Andrés Foods, a new line of products from Spain’s most prestigious small producers hand-picked by Chef José Andrés, is now available in the United States. José Andrés Foods marries modern cuisine with Spanish tradition, delivering products that capture the flavor, life and passion of Spain.

With a portfolio that spans several categories, José Andrés Foods provides tastes of quintessential Spanish fare. Featured products include, Olive Oils & Sherry Vinegars, Seafood Tapas & Vegetables. The brand will become available in Whole Foods Markets in the DC/MD/VA area as well as nationally later this fall and is now available online at www.JoseAndresFoods.com

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José Andrés to Receive Hispanic Heritage Award http://cafeatlantico.com/index.php/jose_andres/post-details/jose-andres-to-receive-hispanic-heritage-award http://cafeatlantico.com/index.php/jose_andres/post-details/jose-andres-to-receive-hispanic-heritage-award#When:16:42:06Z On September 5th Chef José Andrés will be among the recipients of the 26th Annual Hispanic Heritage Awards, held at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC. José Andrés will be honored with the Design Award for the innovative design of his restaurants, including Jaleo, Zaytinya, and Minibar. The Awards, which celebrate Hispanic cultural pride, contributions, and accomplishments, will be broadcast on MundoFox, Sunday, Sept. 15, at 6:00 p.m. EST/PST.

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José Andrés invites you to an open house to celebrate minibar’s 10th anniversary http://cafeatlantico.com/index.php/jose_andres/post-details/jose-andres-invites-you-to-an-open-house-to-celebrate-minibars-10th-anniver http://cafeatlantico.com/index.php/jose_andres/post-details/jose-andres-invites-you-to-an-open-house-to-celebrate-minibars-10th-anniver#When:15:15:42Z A decade has passed since minibar by José Andrés first welcomed guests to what has become one of D.C’s most coveted seats and one of the nation’s unique dining experiences. To celebrate minibar’s 10th anniversary, José, Rob Wilder and the ThinkFoodGroup family welcome friends and fans to an open house on Monday, July 15th from 5:00pm to 9:00pm. Guests will have an opportunity to tour minibar and barmini, sample the iconic Philly cheese steak – a dish that originated in minibar and is now available exclusively at The Bazaar by José Andrés at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills- and toast the anniversary with a cocktail from barmini. In addition, one lucky guest will receive the golden ticket granting them dinner for two at minibar on the day of their choosing.We hope you can join us!

José Andrés invites you to an open house to celebrate minibar’s 10th anniversary 2013-07-01T15:15:42+00:00